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Mt Komati and Escarp Hiking Trails


www.mountkomati.co.za / www.escarp.co.za

Mount Komati Hiking Trails & Escarp Hiking Trails are two separate neighbouring hiking venues on the Mpumalanga escarpment between Machadodorp and Badplaas owned and managed by the same people.

Mountains, cliffs, rolling grassland hills, rocky outcrops with incredible sandstone formations, deep valleys, fantastic views, 100% pure mountain streams, waterfalls, including the Mac Falls and also the second highest waterfall in Mpumalanga, the Komati river, one of the cleanest in the country still, lots of plains game including scarce species like Klipspringer and Oribi, area specific birdlife including the secretive ones like Knysna loerie (tauraco), Narina trogon, Cape vultures roosting in majestic cliffs and a wonderful variety of indigenous plants, many of them from the Fynbos species and wonderfully beautiful field flowers, all of this makes a hike at these two award winning trail venues outstanding.

The four vastly different camps, each with their unique setting, look and feel totally different from the others are kept beautiful, clean and comfortable, perhaps the reason why our guests keep on returning time and time again… Now with this silly situation worldwide, we are taking extra precaution that our guests do not bring that groce thing here to us, so chances of you picking it up here indeed is very small, hehe 😉 Take extra care in any case.

A network of almost a 100km worth of trails gives you enough options to suit any type of hike. Options include:
4 different 2 Day Base camp trails
5 different 2 Day Backpack trails
The brand new High Five 3 to 7 Day Backpack Trail (aka the old Num Num trail)

All Backpack trails with the slack pack option.

What are you waiting for, send us your enquiry to:
Or for instant gratification,
Contact Pieta:
082 950 2417 (WhatsApp, Vodacom)
071 710 8835 (Telegram, MTN)

Alikreukel Trail



Hikers Matter! Just joking......
Hiking makes you free, gives you peace, clears your mind, feeds your soul, connects you to nature, while your body benefits every step of the way.

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Email: info@alikreukeltrail.co.za

Sungazer Pilgrimage



The 211km circular Sungazer Pilgrimage Route, offers varied and unique viewd of the spectacular Eastern Free State Landscape. Expect to see breathtaking views, birds and wildlife in peace and tranquility while passing farms, game farms with little to no traffic. Our Pilgrimage also have shorter routes. Please visit our website for more information.

Oystercatcher Trail



The Oystercatcher Trail is a 4 night 3 day leisure slackpacking Trail along covering 42 kilometres. Trail includes beach, dunes, fynbos, rocks and a large variety of animal, plant, bird and marine species. The area is rich in unique archaeological treasures which include the point of Human Origin.

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Email: nature@oystercatchertrail.co.za

Slackpacker SA



Slackpacker SA promotes Slackpacking style hiking trails throughout South Africa and provides the value added services of guiding, catering and logistical support on certain overnight trails in the Western Cape. We also arrange and guide day hikes in Table Mountain and surrounding areas organize and support hiking tours throughout the country.

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Start Hiking Today!



We are hiking enthusiasts who enjoy outdoor adventures. Our goal is to inspire people, especially those who want to start hiking, getting out in the outdoors and give them a safe opportunity to do so with others who also enjoy the same. Our events range from easy/short hikes to more challenging hikes, river rafting, kloofing, abseiling, and take place over the weekend along with the occasional multi day adventure. If you want to start hiking then get in contact with us.

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Email: info@starthikingtoday.com

Simonskloof Mountain Retreat



The Gecko Trail is our "triple-day" wilderness hiking trail established in 2003. This unique hiking trail is shaped like a triskelion with Simonskloof Mountain Retreat in the centre and a combined total length of almost 50km. Besides the Gecko Trail, we have five shorter hiking trails starting right on the doorsteps of our cottages and campsites. Most are one-way trails leading to unique places with stunning views and same route back, others are circular. Last but not least we also offer mountain biking, kloofing, abseiling & rock climbing all within our retreat.

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Email: info@simonskloof.com

Ecotrails SA



Eco Trails SA is a booking and reservation company that will be the liaison between you, the client, interested hikers, hiking club, schools, scout groups, churches and the corporate market throughout South Africa and abroad. I am an avid hiker and I have been hiking for over 20 years. Hiking and love of nature is a passion of mine. I have completed in excess of 150 hikes and I speak "hiking language"

We do booking for various hiking clubs throughout SA, school groups, scout groups, churches and corporate clients and are able to part with knowledge gained from previous hikes.

I am a Certified Green Flag Auditor and a Member of Green Flag Trails Expert Group SA

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Email: info@ecotrail.co.za

Tankwa Camino



The Tankwa Camino is a modern day "Great Trek" which will take participants through one of the most starkly beautiful areas of our country, the Tankwa Karoo. This is a place where time and distance is stretched, where horizons dance and disappear, where every corner brings a startling new vista. The Boesmanland Camino is a 313.9km gravel road hike over fifteen days in the Boesmanland region.  The hikers access the Boesmanland from the Hantam region. The Tankwa Camino team created Tankwa Enduros for those who like to walk shorter distances in our country's most extraordinary areas.

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Email: info@tankwacamino.com


Active Escapes



Active Escapes offers hiking, mountain biking, adventure and nature-based holidays in the KZN Midlands & Coast, Drakensberg, Eastern Cape Highlands & the Wild Coast.

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Email: sarah@active-escapes.co.za

The Savannah Africa


Our business is Conservation ~ Education ~ Community. We were the first private nature reserve in the Free State to proactively protect our Rhinos from being poached, using Rhino Rescue Project's revolutionary horn toxin and dye infusion. Come learn all about it! Due to the spike in poaching incidents in the country and in the area, we recently relocated our Rhinos to a place of safety. The Savannah Africa was founded by Renee de Jong Hartslief to create a legacy for her children Cale and Tess, a safe haven for indigenous wildlife species, and an education facility for all cultures and generations. We are fully stocked with indigenous game such as Buffalo, Springbok, Giraffe, Impala, Kudu, Nyala, Waterbuck, Blue Wildebeest, Blesbok,and the highly endangered Sable antelope.

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Email: TheSavannahAfrica@gmail.com

Wild Trails



We are a marketing agent for multi-day slackpack trails in the Southern Drakensberg and the Wild Coast.

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Email: paul@wildtrails.co.za

Bateleur Enterprises



Bateleur Nature Reserve caters for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts like hikers, mountain bikers, stargazers, birders, butterfly and tree lovers.

Explore and discover clear rock pools, unspoiled plains covered in wildlife, deep ravines, and rugged hills with magnificent views. Our wildlife ranges from giraffe, zebra, eland, blue wildebeest, sable antelope and bless-buck, to smaller game like warthogs, jackal, bush pigs, birds and insects.

Bateleur is well-known for its accredited Stamvrug Hiking Trails, consisting of a network of about 10 different routes, which cater for beginners, as well as seasoned hikers. Relax around a camp fire at one of our self-catering cottages, spacious farmhouses, or hikers’ base-camps, or cool off in the rock pools, the swimming pool or a farm dam.

Email: bateleurnr@outlook.com (bookings) or info@waterberg.co.za

Buffelsrivier and Moordenaarskaroo Hike


Slackpacking hike in the enigmatic Buffels River through the heart of the Moordenaarskaroo. On this 7-day slackpacking hike you walk in the Karoo’s own canyon, the Buffels River, as it meanders through desolate yet unique terrain in the Moordenaarskaroo. Experience the fauna, flora, geology and history of this unspoilt area. The hike starts at 700m above sea level outside Laingsburg and ends at 1712m on top of the Komsberg south of Sutherland, where the river originates, with views as far as the Cederberg and Klein Roggeveld. The hike averages 16km/day in the (mostly) dry riverbed and/or the veld, with a total distance of around 94km.

Email: francivosloo1@gmail.com

Made on Earth hiking trails


Our trails meander through the wonderfully serene settings of the Skurweberg Mountains within the Hennops River Valley area, with the gentle rumble of the river in the distance. You hike through woodlands, rocky slopes and grassy hillsides and for those seeking more adventure, there are dark caves to explore. We currently have 3 trails 1.2, 4.2 & 6km and a 4th (Garden of Eden) currently being developed.
We are part of the Crocodile River Reserve, which was declared as a Protected Area, a quick 30-40 minute drive from Pretoria and Johannesburg. We are pet friendly and welcome fur babies to join in on the fun.



THE CAVE TRAIL (yellow foot): - +/- 30-40 mins excluding cave exploration

THE HUMBLER TRAIL (red foot): - +/- 2-3hrs excluding cave exploration

THE BLACK BABOON TAIL TRAIL (pink foot): - +/- 3 hrs excluding cave exploration


Find us on Facebook / Instagram

Phone: 071 350 8678 (Avi)

Email: madeonearthhikingtrails@gmail.com

Berg Adventures



Berg Adventures conducts overnight hiking trips exclusively in the uKhahlamba Drakensberg World Heritage Site, or as it known to us locals as the “Berg”.


Find us on Instagram

Phone: 082 679 4244 (Deon)

Email: deon@bergadventures.co.za

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